Break Free from a Drug Addiction, Within 21 Days
Coaching, £795 for 21 days

Hi! I’m Dheep,

I work exclusively with professionals who are ready to break free from a drug habit/ addiction, within 21 days. 

If this is you, keep reading!

I work with clients over the phone or via Zoom / Skype, almost anywhere in the world.

You might want to work with me if:

  1. You want the fastest, no-frills results possible.

  2. You don’t want your family/ friends/ partner/ kids/ job/ work/ business/ therapist knowing about your addiction.

  3. You don’t want to physically go and see anyone.

  4. You’re confident you will achieve this by working with me.

  5. You’re ready to start right away!

If this is you and you’re ready to get started, call me on 07927658902.

All the best,