Previously a #1 Amazon Bestseller.

A shockingly raw memoir series of a young woman’s addiction to cocaine tells a raw, harrowing, and ultimately hopeful tale of the road from addiction to recovery.

This Amazon bestselling memoir series has been coined a modern-day “Sex And The City” meets “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Like many New Yorkers, Dheep balanced a stressful corporate career with an unhealthy dose of cocaine and booze. Having moved from London to New York City, she knew the change wouldn’t be easy but she never expected to find herself Googling, “Can too much coke kill you?” every Friday night.

Written in a unique and compelling voice that is raw and honest, this book is a popular story of her life in the corporate world as a cocaine addict before her whole career comes crashing down. Filled with “Sex And The City” style tales of drugs, money, and sex this book is a tell-all tale of life in modern New York City.

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