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Welcome to this free mini-course, designed to assist you in breaking free from a cocaine habit or addiction within 21 days.

Please watch the videos in this first section called “Planning Your 21 Day Break” in sequential order, however, the section called “Things To Look Out For” may be watched in any order and as needed.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to contact me for 1:1 intuitive healing, please contact me at

✨ Planning your 21 Day Break ✨

Video 0: Who Is This Video Series For?

Video 1: Get Clear On Your Reason WHY

Video 2: Tracking Your Progress

Video 3: How is it Serving You?

Video 4: Form New Habits

Video 5: Morning And Evening Routines

Video 6: It Takes 21 Days To Break A Habit


Video 7: Break The Cycle


✨ Things To Look Out For ✨

Panic And Anxiety Attacks

Night Terrors And Nightmares

Unusual Dreams


What You Focus On Becomes Your Reality


Don’t Plan For The Future, Just Focus On The 21 Days





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