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Very rarely do we get the chance to meet such kind souls as Paul Lucas.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul through his 1st Response Life Coaching program these past two months and I have to be honest, I never imagined my life could shift as much as it has, with his help.


To give you some context…

When we first met, I was feeling pretty stuck in my life.

I just wasn’t moving forward.

I couldn’t do the simple things like run my business, or see people and I was generally unhappy with life and where it was heading.

I was consumed with anxieties.

I was consumed with fears.

I was stuck.

Simply and utterly stuck in all aspects of my life.


Usually I’m not so keen on telling complete strangers about the deepest darkest aspects of my life, but with Paul I didn’t really have to…

There was nothing to be afraid of…

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, the conversation just flowed so nicely and we started shifting blockages in my life immediately,


In fact, I felt so much personal growth and discovery in the first few hours speaking with Paul than my first ENTIRE YEAR of psychotherapy!!


The way Paul works is truly unique to him.

I never understood before how some of the obstacles and challenges I was perceiving in my life today were literally history repeating itself, over and over,

and over and over.

Paul directs you to find the cause of the problem and uses his own unique way of helping you to solve it, right then and there.

It’s so important to keep an open mind and an open heart with him, and beautiful changes will appear in your life.



Synchronicity in the Universe.

If you don’t already understand what Synchronicity in the Universe is, you soon will with Paul.


We’re not even halfway through his program and already my life has changed so much.

I’m not feeling stuck anymore.

I’m moving forward, at my own gentle pace.

“Go gentle…” as Paul often says…

I’m clearing energies and emotions that had been keeping me stuck almost every day…

No longer I am stuck on the depressive, suicidal rollercoaster I’d been dragging myself around on for so long…

I see the beauty in every moment.

“There are no ordinary moments.”

This is Paul’s favourite saying and it couldn’t be more true.

Paul is showing me the way to CREATE THE LIFE I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE.

And for that, Paul,

I am forever grateful.


You can find more about Paul Lucas and his exceptional 1st Response Life Coaching Program through his Facebook page, here:

and his website here:



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